Our ENO hammock raft

As kids, we all wanted to build a raft and float down the river and camp on it. But as we get older, a lot of people put away those childish dreams. I kind of try and do the opposite and always fulfill those adventures Ive always dreamed about after reading Huckleberry Fin or seeing some adventure movie. Fall of last year, I knew I needed something to work on during the winter months to keep me occupied til Spring so I had the idea to build a hammock raft. Ive seen a few before and knew I could do my own version. I wanted to have a decent shelter on the back to jump off of into the water and hang dry bags and gear underneath. The design changed quite a few different times but ended up with a simpler design to make more open and functional as well as be put together and transported easier.


The way I built it, the platform is in 2 different sections for easier transport and when finished, is a 10ft by 10ft raft using treated 2x6s with 3/4 deck planks. The front posts I made slots for them to slide in that then just bolt in. The supports help keep stable when people lay in the hammocks. The 2 front posts to the shelter is actually just 1 pcs that slides into brackets and then bolted. The 2 corner posts to the shelter just fit snuggly against the 90 corner brackets and then braced with long 2x4s and that bolt to the side to really make strong foundation for the shelter. The roof piece just fits right on top the 4 posts like a puzzle piece.

The whole raft goes together with 8 pcs minus the 6 water sealed barrels (we did throw in an extra barrel under it in the middle for added buoyancy) Each 55 gallon barrel gives 400 lbs of buoyancy. We then added hooks under the shelter to hang gear and dry bags, tiki torches, fire pit with grill, cinder block to serve as an anchor. I bolts were added to hang 4 hammocks from each corner. We then used my Old Town canoe to tow the raft and shuttle back and forth between raft and shore when needed as well as keep the deck clear and store more gear and coolers. We also have a large banner made that will serve as a rain tarp but will be removable when not needed that stretches from the top of the short shelter to the front.

We will be doing a few medications to the raft as well as adding a few things before our next launch that we’ll late update with.

Too see us putting the raft together after transporting the Canoegrass festival, watch the video here

raft-assembly-scott raft-assembly-7 raft-assembly-6 raft-assembly-4 raft-assembly-3 raft-assembly-2raft assembly-5 eno-hammock-raft-assembly-1 scott-johnson-2

raft-banner raft-scott raft-tow-2 eno-hammock-raft-2

Enjoy this video of us putting the raft together and enjoying it at Canograss in Tipp City Ohio at Adventures of Great Miami

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